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How to Add or Create AOL Desktop Gold Icon-Shortcut

AOL Desktop Gold Apr 04, 2019 EastonEstimated Read Time: 05 Min

This is the era of working smart rather working hard. People these days look for the easiest ways to get their work done. In such a situation nobody wants to take the long route to get work done when there is a shorter alternative that is available. Adding a shortcut to the AOL Desktop Gold is one of them. Having made a shortcut would ensure that you have eased the burden of your shoulder. AOL Desktop Gold is a software that comes into use almost every day and having a shortcut set for that would make sure that you would not have to navigate through the long way every time to access the software. If you have recently finished the download AOL Desktop Gold process, then you use this process of making a shortcut would aid you very much. Further going through the blog would provide you with all the necessary information on creating the shortcut which would act as single click doorway to the AOL desktop Gold software.

Methods to add or create AOL Desktop Gold icon

There are several ways which you can undertake in order to create a shortcut for your AOL Desktop Gold software. You can take up the process which you would feel comfortable with. The steps to undertake are as given below:

From the Taskbar

  • You should click on the small triangle which is given on the right corner of the taskbar, which can be found placed before the clock.
  • This is a symbol for the Hidden icons
  • Further right-click on AOL Desktop Gold
  • From the dropdown menu choose the option of ‘Create Shortcut’
  • When you have completed the above step you would have an AOL Desktop Gold shortcut on your desktop

From the Desktop

  • You would have to right-click anywhere on the Desktop
  • Take your mouse pointer to the option ‘New’
  • Further, you would receive a new drop-down list where you have to select ‘Shortcut’
  • Now browse the option to find the AOL App location
  • Once you have found the App click on ‘Next’
  • You would be provided with an option of creating a new name for this icon or you could also keep it as original
  • Once you are done with the above steps, click on ‘Finish’ to close the window
  • Once the window is closed you would be able to find the AOL Desktop Gold icon on the Desktop

Drag and Drop

  • Navigate to the AOL Desktop Gold Application
  • You can do so by either searching the same in the start menu or even by browsing in programs
  • Left click on the AOL Gold folder, then hold the button and drag it to the desktop. Once you are on the desktop release the button
  • You would then have the AOL Desktop Gold App icon on your Desktop
  • This can be utilized as a shortcut to reach directly to the AOL

The process to pin AOL shortcut in the Start Menu in Windows 10?

There have been several rumors that having the AOL Desktop Gold pinned to the Start menu of your Windows 10 is a difficult task. When seen carefully, it is understandable that this process isn’t so hard and can be done very easily.

Once you install AOL desktop gold on your Windows 10 you can easily follow the given steps:

  • You would have to open the browser and navigate to the AOL Account
  • A further click on the settings button which is at the top right corner of the screen
  • There you would have to choose the option of ‘Pin to Start Menu’ which is available in the pop-down list
  • After you have completed the said steps, you would be able to see that the AOL Desktop Gold shortcut is available on the Start Menu.

Following all the given steps accurately would help you in solving the issue of creating a shortcut for your AOL Desktop Gold. This process is easy and convenient but if you face any issue you can promptly connect with the customer care and avail professional assistance.

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