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AOL Desktop Gold Jan 10, 2019 EastonEstimated Read Time: 05 Min

Are you a frequent user of AOL Gold software? Have the features enticed you and the software has become your favorite? Nowadays, Different software’s are being launched in the technology industry. But only a few of them are actually able to establish a Brand Value in the market.

If the software is advanced, provides a user-friendly interface and allows you to access millions of things on the same platform, then surely it is preferred. If one talks about AOL Desktop Gold, then it fulfils all the above-mentioned features.

After being updated into AOL Desktop Gold from the previous software ‘AOL’, it has gained more popularity among the users. Even though it now comes with a paid version, but still people are preferring it over the previous one.


Even though AOL Gold gives you the possibility to access millions of things, but still it faces some technical errors and glitches. The errors do not occur frequently, but if they do, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. One must be aware that this particular software has an inbuilt automatic update feature.

One doesn’t need to worry about regular updates that this software encounters with. But what if due to an error, the automatic update stops working? It may cause a real problem for the users.

The first thing you will be required to do is to identify the reason behind this error and after that implement a solution. You can also uninstall the software and download AOL Gold again after checking the system requirements.

You can also go through this blog and get a solution. This blog will help you in the best possible way to resolve the error so that you don’t have to worry about manual updates.

Steps to Fix Automatic Update Not Working Error

  • Restart the computing device. Go to the start menu, then type update. You will be taken to a variety of options. Choose the option of ‘Windows Update’.
  • After a windows update, choose the option of ‘change settings’>Important Updates. Select the option by putting a checkmark on all the boxes that say ‘Install Update automatically’.
  • Now select the boxes by putting a tick on the prompt that says ‘recommended and important updates’.
  • After the process completion, click on ‘Save Changes’.

If you find that none of the solutions works, then you can try to uninstall the software, download it and install AOL Gold in the system again. Just make sure that you have followed the proper installation procedure. Due to the corrupt installation process, this type of error can take place and cause you troubles.

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