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How to Fix AOL Desktop Error 104

AOL Desktop Gold Nov 30, 2018 EastonEstimated Read Time: 05 Min

If you are an AOL product user, then definitely you should be familiar with “AOL Desktop”. This is one of the best desktop software which is centralized with all the Desktop features a user want. The latest version of AOL Desktop is “AOL Desktop Gold”. Millions of people around the world are using AOL Desktop gold software because of its amazing features. This is an amazing software, yet somehow, AOL Desktop users face issues. One of the common issues is “Error 104”. This issue can be solved with some basic AOL gold troubleshooting methods, but firstly, let’s discuss the symptoms as well as the reason behind this issue.

Symptoms of Error Code 104

  • Error 104 shows on the screen and crashes the running program.
  • Windows runs slowly and respond late to commands.
  • Computer screen freezes periodically.
  • Error 104 displays on the computer screen when try to install AOL desktop gold.

Basic reasons that cause Error 104 in AOL Desktop

  • Incomplete installation of AOL desktop gold.
  • Corrupted AOL desktop file
  • Virus or malware causing a problem
  • Corrupted download of AOL desktop.

These are some most common reason which causes AOL Desktop Error 104, but this problem can be solved by some very simple troubleshooting steps. You can get help from customer care if you don’t have any idea.

Steps to Solve AOL Desktop Gold Error 104

If you are an AOL Desktop user and want to know the steps to fix error 104 then try below-given steps. These steps are really simple, but if you feel confused with these then don’t worry contact techies.

1. Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold
Uninstall AOL desktop from the “program” tab in “control panel”. Then download AOL Desktop Gold again from your AOL account and install it again.

To install run the executable file and agree to the license terms & condition. Then follow the suitable instructions and complete the installation.

2. Use an Anti-Virus
After the reinstall process uses any 3rd party Anti-Virus software and removes every suspicious file and virus from our computer. After that restart your computer to save all the changes you made on the computer.

Finally, check the above-given steps has worked or not. If not, or if you feel confused about these steps. Then call on AOL helpdesk number and talk to experts. They will instruct you to get rid of this issue.

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