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How to Resolve AOL Desktop GOLD Won't Open Issue

AOL Desktop Gold Feb 05, 2019 EastonEstimated Read Time: 05 Min

Imagine that you have an urgent meeting coming up and you need to send an email to your business associates as soon as you get online you realize that AOL Gold won’t open. Now that can be frustrating! Even though AOL will try their best to give users who install AOL Gold, an error-free emailing experience occasionally they do fall short of that mark. Sometimes data is lost, sometimes the desktop freezes and sometimes it just won’t open. This article will guide you on what to do if your AOL Desktop Gold won’t open. Regardless of the error remember that you can always contact AOL helpline number to help sort out the problem.

Reasons Why AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open

Users must bear in mind that when it comes to technical problems it is never just one reason. When you see that AOL Desktop Gold is not opening you must realize that there could be a number of different reasons for the error. Here are some of the most common reasons for this error:

  • There was a problem with the installation process. It is possible that it was interrupted for some reason or the process followed was not correct which is why the installation failed.
  • Another common reason for this error is because it is incompatible with some other application that is installed on your system.
  • It is also likely that a virus or malware could have infected your system thus disrupting the application.
  • It is possible that your hard disk may have been damaged causing your system to malfunction.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix “AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open Issue“-

These are some basic troubleshooting steps you can follow to try and fix the error:

  • Run a quick anti-virus scan and delete any files that may be a threat.
  • Check your computer to make sure you have all the system requirements in place.
  • Ensure that you are connected to the internet via a cable or Wi-Fi.
  • Uninstall any program or application that is incompatible with AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Ensure that the automatic update option is on so that you upgrade AOL Gold.
  • Clear the browser’s cache through the browser Settings option.
  • Disable any firewall that is active and that may prevent AOL Gold from opening.
  • Restart your computer so that the RAM memory is clear.
  • Stop or pause any downloads that may be disrupting your internet connection.
  • Delete and then install AOL Gold using the official instructions.

These are some of the most basic troubleshooting steps you can use to when AOL Gold won’t open on your computer. If the above steps do not work then there may be a serious glitch in your system or there could be a problem with the AOL software itself. Either way, you can call the AOL help desk number to receive expert guidance on how to resolve the issue.

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