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How to Import and Export Mail and Other Data With AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold May 20, 2020 EastonEstimated Read Time: 05 Min

Importing and exporting personal data and email with AOL Desktop can be easily done if you follow the steps mentioned in this blog. However, remember you need to download AOL Desktop Gold in your other computer for importing the data from one desktop to another.

Methods to Export and Import Mail, Other Personal Data in AOL Desktop Gold

The personal data involves address book, favorites, mail and settings. For securing and safekeeping your personal data, you need to export and import it.

  • You first need to sign in to your AOL Desktop Gold account.
  • Now click on the Settings > General Settings > My Data Tab > Import or Export
  • Here you have to select the file.
  • If you are exporting the file, you need to create a new password, and you have to mention this password while importing the data in your new computer.
  • Once the data is successfully imported, you can have access to these data on your AOL Desktop Gold.

Steps to Import Email and Data from the Previous Version of Desktop Gold

The importing wizard will first look for the older version of the AOL Desktop and when it is found then only you can import your email, address book, usernames, saved passwords.

  • You have to log in to your Desktop Gold account.
  • Then you need to click on the File > Import Wizard
  • Now press OK button to start the process of importing
  • At last click on OK for the confirmation.

Steps to Manually Import Data from a PFC File

You can manually import the personal data by using the PFC file present on your system.

  • The first step is to open the AOL Desktop Gold software and then log in to your account.
  • Now click on the option of Settings> General Settings> My Data Tab.
  • Then click on the PFC Import option and begin the process of selecting the file to import.
  • Click to import it and once done you access these data on your AOL Desktop Gold.

You need to install AOL Gold on your both systems and make a sure version of both the software is same as then only importing and exporting can be done. If at any point you find any difficulty then get in touch with the experts.

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