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Paid Vs Free AOL Desktop Gold

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AOL is one of the top-ranked web portals. Currently owned by Yahoo, the company is among the most trusted websites providing various online services like a search engine, mailing, online forums, and various others.

Although AOL provides free online services, users who are subscribed to AOL Desktop Gold can avail of various other premium services. But many people have doubts about whether to subscribe to premium services or not.

Here we will clear this doubt by telling you the difference between the paid and free versions of AOL. Based on that, you can decide whether to take AOL Desktop Gold or not.

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What are the various AOL Free services

AOL does provide a number of free services which are beneficial to a number of users. Services provided include mailing, an online forum, a professional profile creator(AOL about me) & search engine. Following Free AOL Services are provided which have been used by a maximum number of users:

  • AOL Mail: With approximately 1.5 million paid users and many more users who use free email services from AOL.
  • AOL Search: People can also search for information on the AOL Search engine. With the help of this tool you can find top searched result pages with the best suitable answer to their query.
  • AOL Security Services: AOL protects its free mail users from spam, Popup, and unknown virus attached to any unwanted mail.
  • AOL About Me: This is another major AOL free service where freelancers and entrepreneurs can create their page/profile to tell what they do as a way to interact more with their audience or clients.

Apart from these major Services, AOL also provides many benefits to its free users where they can watch free videos online, Mapquest, and various other services.

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Why Should I Subscribe to AOL Paid Version

Apart from the various free AOL services, there are many more online paid services, which are beneficial and necessary for the working professional.

Before talking about what is the difference between AOL Paid and free versions, you need to know the services that AOL premium plan offers.

However, the major difference is the security benefits which can be considered crucial for many professional workers, and many services are available, which are focussed on the user’s convenience and feasibility. Following are the AOL paid services:

  • Enhanced and Impenetrable Security: AOL does provide various security measures which do keep your account safe and date even more secure. While browsing the internet and having an AOL paid account, your identity will always be protected, including your various details like finances and credits.
  • Alert from Suspicious Websites: With the AOL version, while browsing the internet, you will always get a popup if the website you have visited is suspicious or not safe to browse.
  • Chat Rooms: AOL paid version also provides a chat facility with the help of which users can connect and interact with each other.
  • Ad Free mailing services: In AOL paid version there will be no more ads while using any of the AOL services.

Difference between AOL’s free and Paid version

Now that you have read all the features provided by AOL. The main big difference between AOL’s paid and the free version is the security benefits from the spammer, hackers, fraud, and suspicious websites, which is now the necessity of every working professional or company in order to do their operation in a safe and secure cyber environment.

Apart from that, various features also ensure that while using AOL, you will get the best experience in terms of facilities and ease of work. From the table below, you will be able to see the differences between AOl’s free and paid services.

AOL Free vs. Paid

Feature Free Version Paid Version
Web Browsing Unlimited Searches Unlimited Searches
AOL Mail Ads will Popup No ads
Chat No Chatting option Chat Rooms for AOL users
Security Protection against spam or virus threat from an unknown source Data Secure
Suspicious Website Alert
Screen Capture Protection
Automated Protected Updates

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AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop is an all-in-one platform, especially for working professionals which provide them various services at one place. Various services include browsing the internet, capturing screenshots, sending and receiving mail, and chat rooms.

Users can avail these services in a very safe and secure environment. With an updated version, this software is specifically designed for the desktop engaged with the best security features and user experience.


From the above article we have provided information on the differences between AOL paid and free versions. On the basis of that we can easily conclude that the AOL paid service is far better than the free version.

So in the end we would say that users without any doubt in their mind should switch to the AOL Paid services. We would also suggest you download the AOL Desktop Gold. In case of any queries, click the help button on the right side and message us. We will reply with the solution asap.

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