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Unable to Print from AOL Desktop Gold [Solved]

AOL Desktop Gold Apr 29, 2020 EastonEstimated Read Time: 05 Min

Are you witnessing error while printing from AOL Desktop Gold? If yes, then you must be thinking about how to resolve it. This error is not difficult to resolve as you can go through this blog to find ways to fix the problem easily. Or you can update AOL Desktop Gold to troubleshoot the issue of unable to print. One can even take the help of the assistance of the experts for resolving the issue of unable to print from the AOL Desktop Gold.

What Causes the Error of Unable to Print from AOL Desktop Gold?

Some of the potential causes that are responsible for the occurrence of the error unable to print from AOL Desktop Gold are given below:

  • If your printer is faulty.
  • Due to the conflicting application and program too, this issue can occur.
  • If the files you give the print command is corrupted.
  • If the outdated AOL Desktop Gold is the root of the error.

Steps to fix the Unable to Print from AOL Desktop Gold

One must know that you have to choose whether you want to print email, website or attachment using the AOL Desktop Gold. Once you are confirmed, then you can make sure that you check where you are confronting the error then accordingly you can use the troubleshooting steps to fix it. Follow the solution given below to fix the AOL Desktop Gold printing issue:

The printer is working with the programs

  • If you want to check this, then you can see create a new Text document in the notepad.
  • Type some text in this document and save the changes.
  • Then go the File and click on the File option.
  • In the new window, you have to choose the name of your printer and hit on the print button.
  • If the document is printed, then you can be sure your printer is working fine.

Enable the required startup programs
When you turn on your computer, several programs simultaneously get started, these can slow down your system. Therefore, you must disable these programs while starting your computer.

  • Go to Search Bar and then write Task Manager in the field.
  • Now click on the Startup tab and then select all the non-required programs that you wish to disable.
  • Click on Disable button and then close the window of Task Manager.

Set the Print Margin

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click on the menu of File > Page Setup> Margin
  • Here enter 0.25 in all the fields next to Top, Bottom, Left, and Right.
  • At last click OK to save the changes done in the Print Margin.

Clear the pending print jobs

  • Click on the Printer icon present on the bottom right corner of Task Bar.
  • You will see a window where you will see the active and pending print jobs.
  • Click on the print job you want to clear by clicking on the Cancel button.

Print the pages by using Internet Explorer

  • Go to Internet Explorer and then press on Ctrl and P key together to open the Print window.
  • Go to Print Preview to see how how the document will look after printing.
  • Select the name of the printer and then click on the Print option to give the command.

Even after implementing these steps, if the problem occurs, then you have to download AOL Desktop Gold again by checking the system requirement. You must remember that you can ignore all these issues by downloading the desktop software from the official website.

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