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Video Won't Open on AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold Jan 23, 2023 EastonEstimated Read Time: 05 Min

AOL Gold Desktop is an extraordinary software that allows users to browse through online content, watch videos and play games. Moreover, it also allows the users to access the video contents. But at times while accessing the videos, users might come across “Video won’t open on AOL Desktop Gold” issue. Wondering why it occurs? It might happen due to the compatibility issue with the AOL Flash player.

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However, there are numerous other reasons that might evoke this issue. In this explanatory post, we have provided you with all the factors responsible for this issue. Along with this, we have also explained simple ways to resolve the issue.

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Reasons Why “Video won’t open on AOL Desktop Gold issue occurs

Let’s now look at the root causes behind the “video won’t open on AOL Gold Desktop” issue.

  1. There might be the possibility that you are accessing an obsolete version of Windows media player.
  2. Sometimes, it may occur due to the issue with the video.
  3. You are operating an incompatible version of the AOL email service.
  4. You are not playing the video appropriately in AOL Desktop Gold.

Verified Solutions to Eliminate “Video Won’t open on AOL Desktop Gold” issue

After collecting all the information about the error, let’s now look at the steps to rectify it.

Instance 1: AOL Videos Won’t Play And Others Run Appropriately

This is the case when the users can access all the videos rather than AOL videos. In certain scenarios, you must apply the steps given below.

  1. You must search for the new windows media player to operate the videos.
  2. If you are utilizing an obsolete version of the player, try updating it.
  3. Download and install the newly launched version of windows media player.

For accessing the AOL Video in Compatibility Mode

  1. In the initial stage, right-click on the AOL video and opt for the Properties option from the drop-down menu.
  2. Afterwards, hit the Compatibility button and tick mark the checkbox of “Run this program in the compatibility mode”.
  3. Now, you must pick the operating system from the drop-down menu list.
  4. Finally, tap on Choose option to restore the changes made successfully.

Get the latest version of a New Flash Player to Run the Videos

Even after implementing the solutions above you are encountering the issue, download and install the adobe flash player. If you notice that your antivirus program is interrupting the process, disable it until the issue is resolved.

Instance 2: Video can’t open in AOL Desktop, AOL Browser /AOL Mail

If you are facing issues while trying to open video in AOL Desktop or mail, go through the instructions below to fix the issue.

  1. Initially, from the AOL Browser/AOL mail you must tap on the Customize & Control option.
  2. After this, go to the JavaScript settings and click on the “Permit all the websites to run JavaScript” radio button.
  3. Consequently, it will enable the JavaScript permissions.
  4. If you wish to launch the video on Windows Operating System, get the latest Adobe Flash Player and Windows Media Player.
  5. On the other side, the Linux users, download the Active X video to run the video.

Instance 3: AOL Desktop Only Displays Video

There might be certain instances when the AOL Desktop only shows the video not the video. Therefore, to tackle the issue you must have a look at the steps given below.

  1. In the beginning, you must open the preferred web browser.
  2. After that, tap on the Control/Click option. Otherwise, you must double-tap on the video’s window.
  3. Now, go to the Settings option and unmark the box next to the Enable Hardware Acceleration.
  4. Eventually, you can now easily access the video in Flash Player.
  5. If you are unable to run the video, then check that the video you are playing has a compatible format for the player.
  6. Next, convert the video into the supported format to fix the video related issue with AOL Desktop.

Instance 4: Error Code 14 While Running AOL Video

Error Code 14 is one of the most frustrating error that stops the users from getting the AOL Gold download process. This error is mainly concerned with the network problem. Therefore, to fix the issue, you must go through the pointers given below.

  1. In the initial stage, verify your device if you are receiving the error and try again later.
  2. Relaunch your network connection as it might improve your internet connection.
  3. For proper resolution, you must log out from your device in a proper manner.
  4. After this, remove all the connection cables, including, router, DSL, and dial-up.
  5. You have to wait for some time and then connect the cables once again with their power sources.
  6. Then, you have to attach the cable to the router and then switch on your device.

Instance 5: Video Won’t Play appropriately in the AOL Desktop

At times, the unwanted programs running in the background might obstruct the users from running the videos seamlessly. Therefore, to end the background processes, apply the steps written below.

  1. Firstly, launch the Run window by hitting the Windows + R keys simultaneously.
  2. Now, within the search column type “MSConfig” and then press the Enter key to move further.
  3. Afterwards, tap on the Startup option and terminate all the programs that you don’t wish to utilize.
  4. Furthermore, select the Yes option and it will run your system once again and apply the changes.
  5. If above suggest not working, then Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold.

Wrapping It Up!!

Hopefully, we assure you that the resolution methods listed above in this post will guide you to resolve the “Video won’t open on AOL Desktop” issue. However, if you are having any inconvenience while fixing the issue, connect with our experts to get immediate help.

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